Transmeta to Tout Efficeon Chip as Component

LOS ANGELES Microprocessor manufacturer Transmeta Corp. will market its new high-performance TM8000 microchip, dubbed Efficeon, as “an ingredient brand,” said Mike DeNeffe, director of marketing.

“We believe that whether it’s a personal purchase or by an IT professional, people buy the computer, not the chip,” DeNeffe said. Commissioned by Transmeta’s in-house advertising department, Plumbline Studios in Berkeley, Calif., designed the logo.

DeNeffe said the Santa Clara, Calif., company will use cooperative advertising with OEMs in coordination with the first product arrivals in the fourth quarter, a notebook computer and a tablet PC. The first manufacturers incorporating the chips were undisclosed. Transmeta expects the chip to dominate the emerging market of “efficient computing” in products such as ultrasmall notebooks, silent desktops, and handheld and wireless devices.

The Efficeon chip is expected to rival Intel’s Centrino for the booming mobile market. Efficient processors are graded by their small size and low weight, power consumption and heat generation. “We continue to keep the power consumption low and add an element of performance,” DeNeffe said. “The Efficeon will be very competitive. Some applications run at a 50 percent performance increase, 80 percent in multimedia, compared to our present chip,” the Crusoe TM5800.

The Efficeon’s details will be revealed at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, Calif., Oct. 13-16. DeNeffe said, however, that the chip is powerful enough to run Windows XP, XP Professional and Linux operating systems.