Transcendigital Takes On Medical Client

BOSTON Transcendigital said it has been tapped by Paraflexmed to handle interactive advertising chores.

The Avon, Conn.-based independent shop is tasked with improving the client’s Web site, crafting a search engine optimization marketing program and developing an overall brand strategy.

“I felt extremely comfortable with Transcendigital right away,” said client president Sean Paradis, in a statement. “They gave me the straight scoop and rather than luring me with an unreasonably high sales potential over our site, they said we would create a strategy and a plan which will best help the company to reach its sales potential.” The budget was not disclosed but is likely in the six-figure range.

Paraflexmed sells supplies such as scrubs, footwear, stethoscopes and accessories to the medical industry mainly through its site,

“It’s just that type of company that we work best with,” said Rhoda Erling Cloutier, managing director of Transcendigital. “Committed to digital marketing as a business tool, innovative and forward-thinking.”

Transcendigital also works for Beardsley Zoo, Community Coffee Co., The Hartford and InkJet Warehouse.