The Traits People Seek In The Opposite Sex

Maybe wealthy men don’t desire gorgeous-but-vacuous trophy wives. (No accounting for taste!) In a 10-country survey by Ipsos on the traits people seek in the opposite sex, wealthy men were “half as likely as men less well-off to value physical attractiveness the most in a woman.” Respondents were given a list of four characteristics and asked to pick the one they prize most highly in the opposite sex. For American men, affection/sensitivity and humor were the most desirable traits in a woman (each drawing 44 percent of the vote), with good looks (8 percent) and money (2 percent) lagging far off the pace. American women were most likely to say they value affection/sensitivity in a man (51 percent), with humor a solid runner-up (38 percent). Money (8 percent) and looks (2 percent) lagged far behind. In the international data, humor was most prized by British women and North American men. Affection/sensitivity polled most strongly in France, good looks did best in Japan, and money had its best showing in urban China.