Trailer Trash

Previews of all the films opening this weekend

A bunch of modest movies will try to topple Thor off his box-office perch this weekend, but don't count on it.

The two most likely challengers are the chick flick Bridesmaids, starring Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig, about a group of women preparing for a friend's wedding; and Priest, a 3-D movie about a clergyman who hunts vampires. The former is expected to do well; the latter, which cost $60 million to make, could be a major bomb.

Other movies opening this weekend include Everything Must Go, a dark comedy with Will Ferrell as an unemployed alcoholic who attempts to sell everything he owns after his wife kicks him out of the house; Hesher, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young man with a troubled past who befriends a kid who's just lost his mother; and Skateland, about a young man who has to grow up after the roller rink where he works is shut down.

Check out the previews below for all the movies opening this weekend.