Trailer Mash

Bachelorettes, divorcées and one new movie that really hates advertising

Television is the new movies, they tell us. But really, movies are often just the best bits of television amped up with the stuff you can't project into people's television sets, as in The Inbetweeners. Occasionally, movies will deliver the whole of a series arc in a single story (cf., The Cold Light of Day, which comes across like a particularly frantic episode of 24), though this is a lesson yet to be learned by Peter Jackson. Better yet, movies all have trailers to tell you everything you need to know without obliging you to give up even just two precious hours of your brief life. Judged exclusively by their promos, this week's selection also includes a brace of comedies starring women, two wildly different documentaries, and a remake of yet another '80s classic even though it doesn't admit it.