Trailer Mash

Jude Law, Nazis and lots of '70s flavor in this week's opening movies

Madcap '70s-aesthetic tribute of the week A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swann is a trailer so perfectly measured to the kaleidoscopic parameters of its own self-conviction, you cannot doubt that its central conceit of casting Charlie Sheen as a me-decade sleazeball was scratched onto the fabric of reality before the Big Bang even happened.

After a few moments that worryingly resemble something less even than a sketch from Movie 43, Identity Thief explodes into another order of comedy with scenes of such hilariously epic automobile destruction you realize you will forgive Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy anything. As the stiff and the con woman who steals his identity, respectively, they act off each other with the élan of comedy stars of the '40s, and the only downer is yet again seeing Amanda Peet as the wife who waits at home for the old man to return from his adventure.

If levitating monks, women who are half flying snake, and chaps with supernatural Kung Fu skills are not to your liking, then whatever the hell the plot to The Sorcerer and the White Snake is about will be of no interest, though you may yet be seduced by the magnificently stunning visuals.

Jude Law has reached the point in his career when his presence in a movie trailer is only ever a reassuring one: Middle aged, looks great in a suit and a proper movie star to boot, he is exactly what you need to carry you through Side Effects, arrant thriller-ish hokum whose plot is its title. Plus, Catherine Zeta Jones and some lovely desaturated photography.

It's been far too long since we saw a Nazi in an American cinema. In desperation, the culture has turned to Germany itself, where Lore, a co-production with Australians, tells the tale of the grandchildren of Nazis making their way home across Europe during the latter days of the war. At this time, Europe was a Sylvanian paradise blighted only by the occasional border patrol, it turns out. 

Downbeat '70s-aesthetic tribute of the week The Playroom promises alcohol, cigarettes, having children too early, swingers and sepia car coats, and on the basis of the quality of a cast that includes John Hawkes and Deadwood’s Molly Parker, is your most relevant and movie of the week, at least according to this trailer.