Trailer Mash

The first weekend of the year at the movies brings terror in the aisles

It's 2013, and your local cinema is in the mood for horror.

"It happened before, it happened again" explains the trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D, though a cursory glimpse at IMDB or Wikipedia will reveal it happened before rather more than once. What this trailer reveals is that no budget or sensibility you throw at the by-now-well-established story of chainsaws and cannibalism will ever have the searing impact of Tobe Hooper's original, which remains even now one of the most terrifying ways to spend 83 minutes of your life. Take a look at this trailer and see why.

Crawlspace is evidently a low-budget Australian foray into the world of sci-fi horror. And like many previous low-budget horror movies, its trailer is a montage of very brief snippets from two or three expensive setups interspersed with lots of very brief close-ups of screaming faces. The notable element here is that at one point you get a glimpse of what appears to be a gorilla in a spacesuit, which suggests Crawlspace's natural ancestor is none other than 1953's Robot Monster.

It should come as no surprise that Matt Damon is against the horrors of fracking, and Promised Land is his anti-fracking film, delivered, on the appearance of this trailer, as though it were a well-meaning film-school experiment in shooting a contemporary version of a Preston Sturges movie.

Finally, what could be more horrific than the certainty of your own death? A reminder every seven years of the decay that time wreaks on a person, perhaps? With 56 Up, Michael Apted returns for the seventh time to the people he first filmed as schoolchildren in 1964. Perhaps no less horrific is the grip the film has on some of its participants. If this series is a lifelong portrait of a generation, it is also a portrait of our own lifelong subservience to the power of the moving image, at least according to this trailer.