Tractenberg Skews LuggageFree at Women

NEW YORK Tractenberg Advertising recalls the lost glamour of air travel in a $1 million campaign for LuggageFree, a courier service that allows travelers to transport bags from home to hotel without carting them through the airport.

The New York shop won the account last week after a review against undisclosed contenders, and will break its first work next month, said agency president and creative director Joel Tractenberg. Ads will pair stylish illustrations with sassy headlines in an effort catch the eye of upscale female travelers, particularly mothers, Tractenberg said.

“When you travel, it’s easy to keep an eye on either your baggage or your kids, but both can get you in trouble,” Tractenberg said. Because women have a larger hand in making travel arrangements, the effort will skew female, he said.

The first of four print ads, breaking as an insert in The New York Times Nov. 2, picks up the art deco styling of port-of-entry stickers that once papered globe-trotting luggage. Orange and yellow sunbeams radiate from the central illustration of a 1950s-era airliner. The headline reads, “Sorry, but you’ll still have to carry your emotional baggage.” The work will also run in The New York Times Magazine, Gotham and Avenue.

Two-year-old LuggageFree is a subsidiary of Need it Now! Courier Service, a delivery and specialty freight company based in New York. LuggageFree was created to help air travelers circumvent the long lines and delays associated with tighter airline security. Service representatives pick up luggage from a home or office, wrap it in protective plastic and ship it to your hotel, and vice versa.

The ads have been tagged, “The trip, without the baggage.” Television ads, slated to break in December, will offer “edgy takes on the travel experience,” Tractenberg said.