Tractenberg Puts Ouidad in Control

NEW YORK Tractenberg Advertising is poised to launch a $6 million print campaign for Ouidad hair care products, the agency’s first work since acquiring the account last month.

Three print ads will show Ouidad product bottles as tools against sometimes-intractable curls. One depicts a bottle of Play Curl volumizing conditioner as part of an air horn, paired with the copy line, “Wake up your curls.” In another ad, a bottle of Climate Control resembles a fire extinguisher, accompanied by “Rescue your curls.” Ouidad’s Curl Quencher, seen as part of a sprinkler system, is teamed with “Quench your curls” in the third ad.

“Women with curly hair feel defenseless against the whims of the humidity, the heat and the wind,” said Joel Tractenberg, president of the New York independent agency. “These ads show women that they now have a powerful weapon against those problems.”

The series is breaking in February issues of Glamour, Vogue, Allure and other publications. Copy at the bottom of the ads drives traffic to Ouidad’s Web site,, where 85 percent of its sales are made. The product is also distributed through salons.