Toyota Print Campaign Tells the Buyer’s Story

Toyota launches an estimated $9-10 million print campaign this week. It is the automaker’s first major print push under its “Toyota/Everyday” theme, with a eight-page series in Time Inc. publications.
The ads, from Toyota Motors Sales U.S.A. agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, are running in Time, Sports Illustrated, People and other consumer magazines. Sequentially numbered, they tell the story of a day in the life of a Toyota consumer. Each ad is headlined, “Everyday life.”
“This is our first big brand print push [for the ‘Everyday’ campaign],” said Joe McDonagh, the shop’s executive creative director.
Unlike some previous outdoor executions that were designed to reinforce the TV campaign launched last fall, “This is an effort unto itself,” said McDonagh, adding that the agency strived to incorporate the product into the brand campaign.
On the inside front cover, a digital alarm clock flashes 6:09 a.m., next to a color image of a Toyota Corolla. The copy begins, “It’s time. The sun may wake you, but the day kicks you. Out of bed. Then in the butt. Right onto the tracks of that moving train called life.”
The second ad begins, “What now? A hot shower and a song. Walk the dog, maybe. Or just walk.” The center spread headline reads, “You are here,” next to an image of the Sienna minivan.
The series concludes with a nighttime shot of a Corolla with the headline, “All done,” followed by text about a person’s role in the “grand play.”