Toyota plans road trip with Seinfeld

-Toyota is hoping its second national sponsorship of Jerry Seinfeld Live, a six-week comedy tour kicking off in May, will help sell its Corolla and Celica models to young, mostly married audiences while giving its image a nice rub by association with the popular comedian.
As the sole event sponsor, Toyota gets mentions in onair NBC promotional spots that begin later this month and identifications in local newspaper and radio ads. The company’s 1ogo will be displayed on signage inside the comedy halls and on posters and NBC preview guides handed to audiences on the 15-city tour. “We think Seinfeld delivers a wonderful audience, he’s very nice to work with and he projects a nice image,” said Jerry Perry, national advertising manager for Toyota. Toyota is considering highlighting the Corolla because its demos are similar to those of Seinfeld–late 30s to late 40s, mostly married women. The Celica’s target is younger. “We think the late 30s and late 40s are a perfect target for us, and we think Seinfeld will draw that very nicely ,” Perry said.
Last year, Toyota concentrated on a national image campaign. But this year, it plans vehicle displays of the Corolla and possibly the Celica. “You won’t be hearing us say, ‘Contact your local Toyota dealership,'” said Perry. “But the vehicle display mixed with brochures should translate into interest in the product which will translate into local traffic.”
NBC uses the tour, its third annual, as a major affiliate promotion and to reach new audiences and stations. The NBC station in each market will host the event, with an on-air personality welcoming the audience and serving as master of ceremonies. Other affiliate benefits include onair interviews with Seinfeld.
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