Toyota Launches $160 Mil. Camry Campaign

NEW YORK–Toyota is launching what it is calling the most “extensive, fully integrated marketing effort” in its history: an estimated $160 million campaign to promote the launch of the 2002 Camry. The campaign, which will break this September, leverages the strengths of AOL Time Warner, the Microsoft Network (MSN) as well as TV and print resources.

Toyota America has inked a deal with Microsoft to run Internet ads on Microsoft properties, using the company’s streaming media technology. MSN properties will host 15-second versions of Toyota’s TV spots for Camry at Toyota will also use the new IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) skyscraper and showcase formats for Camry banner ads within MSN.

The Irvine, Calif. unit of Toyota is using an enhanced CD as part of its integrated campaign for Camry. The “E-CD,” produced by Disc Marketing, Pasadena, contains music, video and Internet links. Called “Making Tracks,” it features tunes by Jennifer Lopez, Lyle Lovett, Earth, Wind & Fire and others; and contains the new Camry TV spots, interviews with the artists and links to and the artists’ Web sites.

In addition, Toyota will sponsor and distribute an eight-page profile of the artists on the CD. The profile is made possible by retail partnerships with Wherehouse Music and participating Macy’s stores and includes inserts in various print and on-line publications.