To Tout ‘K-Ville,’ Fox Reaches Out to Blogs

NEW YORK Fox has enlisted the aid of several popular blogs to rope in viewers for its new drama series K-Ville.

The show, which centers on two police officers trying to help put New Orleans back together after Hurricane Katrina, was recently pre-streamed on as well as other sites such as and, nearly a month prior to its TV debut on Sept. 17.

Fox executives wrapped a new-media conference around the episode, inviting bloggers to meet with show producer and writer Jonathan Lisco. Attendees included: All Your, Give Me My,, Blog Critics and MSN.

“Our consumers are everywhere on the Internet. We value the blog community’s contribution in its ability to talk directly to consumers,” said William Bradford, svp, content strategy at Fox.

In addition to luring viewers, the strategy was designed to reach audiences who consume a good amount of programming online and demonstrate its value-placement to the Internet as a serious distribution platform for content going forward.

Bradford added that Fox had not embraced the blogging community to this scope before. There are plans in the works for similar new-media conferences for other new shows as well as pre-existing programs. “This is a great way to reach out to consumers,” Bradford added.