Tough client

Some might suggest that advertising is the devil’s work. A new show in Chicago, written by a former copywriter, takes that premise a bit further, making the devil the ad agency’s client.

The musical comedy, Pitchmen, tells of Lucifer hiring an ad agency to help improve the image of hell. Author Pat Byrnes drew upon his experiences working for Chi cago agencies to create the piece, which is directed by Leo Burnett executive creative director Ned Crowley.

“He’s obviously exorcising a lot of cynical demons up there,” said Crowley, who has an extensive background in Chicago theater.

Despite the play’s religious overtones, and the fact that it’s being staged at a Catholic church, Crowley said the musical is light on evangelism.

“There’s a flesh-eating zombie … and that’s always a good thing,” Crowley said. “It’s not like someone coming to your door and trying to convert you.”