Touchscreens Anchor Navy Campaign

NEW YORK A campaign for the U.S. Navy’s Navy for Moms initiative is the first by the armed service to employ a digital touchscreen in a mall storefront display.

Deployed a few weeks ago and running for two months, the display lets passersby manipulate the images on the screen to see videos of Navy officers and their moms as well as postcards and pictures.

The Navy’s display was the first “Mallways” for Inwindow Outdoor, which last October announced partnerships with three of the largest mall owners in the U.S. to convert vacant storefront and mall space into ad displays.

“This is our first significant installation in our mall locations. As is our custom, we have also incorporated technology not before used in a storefront display, allowing mall-goers to interact and truly engage the display,” said Steve Birnhak, founder and CEO of Inwindow Outdoor.


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