Toto-Ly Cool

With research showing 44 percent of people traveling in Kansas are on their way somewhere else, positioning the state as a tourist destination is a challenge. But a new print campaign from Marketing.comm addresses the state’s pass-through image head-on.
The ads, tagged “Drive through Kansas and you’ll miss it,” juxtapose traditional images of Kansas (such as wheat fields) with the unexpected (such as an astronaut, showcasing the Cosmosphere in downtown Hutchinson.) Accompanying body copy talks about all of the sights that await in The Sunflower State.
“We want to brand Kansas as a travel destination apart from any other state,” said Dorothee Werner, a vice president at the Overland Park, Kan., agency. “When you see the ad, it busts the perception [of Kansas] wide open.”
With a $500,000 budget, the campaign is appearing in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Midwest Living and Modern Maturity, and in niche publications. –Aaron Baar