Toshiba Sticks With C/D After Review

IRVINE, CALIF. – Toshiba America Information Systems here, after a round of meetings with several high-tech agencies in Southern California and its agency of record Chiat/Day, has decided to keep its estimated $10-million account at the incumbent shop.
Toshiba executives did not refer to the meetings, which included presentations, as a review. Rather, ‘we’re doing a sanity check on the general subject of ad agencies,’ said Howard Emerson, director of marketing communications at the laptop computer marketer here.
Emerson said the top management of Toshiba had changed since Venice, Calif.-based Chiat/Day won the business a little over two years ago, and ‘as an educational exercise we invited a few agencies in to talk to us and tell us about themselves.
‘It was due diligence,’ Emerson said. ‘To give them a better perspective of what agencies do and how they work and what they cost.’ Emerson added that while Toshiba did not hold the review with any intention of changing agencies, the company wanted ‘to see if we were getting the best value.’
Separately, ad agency sources in New York reported Toshiba may also be getting ready to place its Consumer Products division into review as well. But a spokesperson for that business, currently at Calet, Hirsch & Spector/N.Y., said the company had no such plans. Toshiba operates autonomous units for its consumer products and its electronics division. The consumer products division, which sells home electronics, is based in Wayne, N.J.
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