A Torrid Tale Well Told

The breathtaking rise and fall of an agency-client relationship, stylishly chronicled in a glossy weekly-now who isn’t a sucker for that?
Nobody, that’s who, and that’s what Patrick Hunt is counting on in his latest scheme to promote his Minneapolis ad operation, Hunt Adkins.
A series of eight posters, which bears a striking resemblance to Adweek clips, tell potential clients the tale of Hunt’s search for an ad agency.
“Over 3,000” agencies were contacted, their names undisclosed. The budget is similarly vague, “although when pressed, [Hunt] did start rummaging around in his pockets for change,” one ad (shown here) says. The ubiquitous “insider” tells of a brutal selection process. Then Hunt Adkins hires itself.
Resulting ads include claims such as “36 percent of all advertising contains blatant lies.” The work is panned by a harrumphing pundit.
Inevitably, the relationship breaks up and Hunt Adkins resigns its own account, having developed a “hatred for themselves.”
“It’s just an attempt to show clients who we are,” Hunt said. -Trevor Jensen