7 Hipster T-shirts Featuring Brands Hipsters Would Never Buy

Even if you count yourself as a hipster, there’s a good chance you’ve grown weary of all the other hipsters sporting a certain piece of street gear: the retro brand T-shirt.

Retailers ranging from Etsy to Nordstrom have rushed to market with often-pricey tees featuring brands that mom (or grandma) used to buy. It’s impossible to walk down the street in a major city without bumping into a reedy twentysomething ambling along with a decades-old brand logo on his chest.

But has anyone noticed most of these cool kids would rarely find a reason to actually use the brands they’re sporting?

When Giorgio Armani said he considered the T-shirt the "alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet," he probably wasn't referring to one with a Wonder Bread logo on it. Nor does it quite add up for youthful contrarians to act as unpaid advertising vehicles for brands they'd never buy. Or is it all an act of conscious irony?

You decide. Here are seven hipster Ts featuring brands that hipsters would probably never encounter in daily life.


Days Inn

Budget tourist interstate motel chain: nope, no hipsters here.


Oscar Meyer

Can you picture a young bohemian ordering a bologna sandwich? We can't either.


Mrs. Fields

These are tasty cookies—but would they get hipsters to come to a mall food court? Not likely.



You might find a few hipsters at Target. Maybe one at Walmart. But Kmart? No.


Olds Mobile

Even in the 1950s, Oldsmobile was your father's ride. Besides, GM killed it in 2004.


Wonder Bread

Squishy and dubious, this bread was a lunchbox star in the 1970s, but today's trendy youth eat ciabatta.



Brillo steel wool pads work great—assuming one spends his evenings scrubbing pots and pans, and hipsters don't.