Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 21-28


Sarah Silverman ‘Let My People Vote 2012’

Sarah Silverman torpedoes voter ID laws with F-bombs in her latest political ad. 


Hot Wheels ‘World Record Corkscrew Jump’

Toy brand Hot Wheels continues to break real-life records, making stunt moves look like child's play.


Smart U.K. ‘Skate for Two’

If skating (or driving) in tandem is this fun, why would you ever go it alone?


Apple ‘Cheese’

Apple returns to its roots for the iPhone 5 with product demos that emphasize its features.


Nike ‘5 Extra Years’

For the first time, life expectancy has decreased for the next generation, due to a lack of physical activity. Nike asks kids what they would do with the five years they may miss out on.


Hornbach ‘Crack’

Known for its grandiose portrayals of home improvement, Hornbach goes even further in its new spot, featuring a dude who's truly in tune with his digs. 


Warby Parker ‘Eyeballs Looking for Glasses’

Warby Parker's first TV ad, a surreal spot by New York agency Partners & Spade, includes images culled by artist and designer Alia Penner from "1950s magazines, collections of Victorian wallpaper, Japanese architecture textbooks and more."


Adidas ‘Wake Up’

Phenom Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, sidelined by a torn ligament, works hard to get back in the game in a new spot from Adidas. 


Lightlife ‘E-I-E-I-O’

All the livestock at a fairytale farm are replaced with versions of themselves constructed entirely out of edible flora in this spot for ConAgra's meatless foods. Guilt-free bacon? Count me in. 


Full Frontal Freedom ‘Disclosure’

Riding the coattails of boy band One Direction's phenomenal success, self-described anti-PAC Full Frontal Freedom gets 3 million views with a video combining sexy abs with an appeal for Mitt Romney to reveal ... his tax returns.