Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 14-21


Honda ‘Surprising Monsters Calling Home’

Honda appreciated that very, very indie band Monsters Calling Home filmed its videos in Hondas. So, it thanked the group with a secret booking on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Volkswagen ‘Smiles’

This is one spot where everyone laughs and smiles, and then you do, too.


Smartwater ‘Jennifer Aniston Security Tapes’

After all this time, we find out the tabloids were right: Jennifer Aniston is having a bay-bee! Make that three. And yes, she drinks Smartwater, even when no one is watching. 


Toyota Prius ‘Hum’

A Prius is a wonder to behold in this sweet and memorable animated spot from Saatchi & Saatchi L.A.


St. John Ambulance ‘Helpless’

BBH London follows a man's journey through cancer treatment, only to see the life for which he fought so hard get stolen in the most unexpected way. 


Samsung ‘The Next Big Thing Is Already Here’

With a tone that's sharp and snarky, but not nasty, this latest effort from 72andSunny for the Galaxy S III throws some more punches at Apple—without naming names, of course.


Fragile Childhood ‘Monsters’

This frightening PSA asks parents to consider how they appear to their kids when they're drunk. Brutal in its execution.


Skittles ‘Treadmill’

Abe Lincoln's doppleganger sweats Skittles as he runs on a treadmill, while a younger guy collects his sweat candy. Another weird spot for Skittles from DDB Chicago.


Comcast ‘Easy vs. Hard’

Comcast says signing up for its Xfinity service is easier than unmooring a beached whale, body-waxing Sasquatch, eating food in a full-body cast or setting up a tent, in this Martin Agency spot.


Coke Zero ‘Unlock the 007 in You’

This spot promoting Coke Zero's involvement with the James Bond movie Skyfall comes off as a straightforward ad about a guy using the product in question to get the girl. How quaint.