Top 10 Commercials of the Week


WaterIsLife ‘First World Problems’

In a stirring PSA for WaterIsLife, DDB hijacked the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag and had impoverished Haitians read the ironic tweets aloud.


Jordan Brand ‘Cut Through L.A.’

Wieden + Kennedy filmed a glorious frozen moment in L.A. with dozens of Chris Pauls.


HBO Go ‘Grandma’

Your grandmother loves you—just not as much as HBO Go. Don't be upset. Your mom, your fiancée and your dog can't compare either.  


Heinz ‘I Love Winter’

Heinz prepares you for the cold with a warm tale of soup as comfort food.


Smirnoff ‘Nocturnal Awakening’

Smirnoff and JWT show you the night that's possible if you just mix in a little vodka. 


Center for Science in the Public Interest ‘Real Bears’

These polar bears may look like their Coke-swilling cousins, but they're here to deliver a darker message about sugar intake.


Baileys Irish Cream ‘Pour Spectacular’

What could make Baileys over ice even nicer? When the pour blossoms into a three-ringed group of tiny dancers holding hands and pulsating.


Cow & Gate ‘Supergroup’

Babies "playing" 1980s hit "Come On Eileen"? Let's watch, then buy some baby food.  


Dish Network ‘Ranchers’

Dish Network continues its love affair with cowboys in a spot for its new Internet service, which works even way out in the fields.


Chipotle ‘Boorito 2012’

Rob Riggle is a life-size Frankenstein, and not a very friendly one, in this spot for the chain's annual Halloween charity offer.

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