Top 10 Commercials of the Week


FEMA ‘Ready’

FEMA reminds us that, at any time, "Today is the day before" a potential major disaster. How many heeded the agency's advice ahead of Hurricane Sandy is, of course, unknown.


Google Chromebook ‘For Halloween’

Google shows how it's "for everyone" with this short-and-sweet 30-second spot for its Chromebook laptop, set in Halloween's honor to Slayer's 1986 song "Raining Blood."


Steiff ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

In this spec ad for German teddy-bear company Steiff, a stuffed animal is a superhero ready to do battle with the fearsome night monsters stalking your children's dreams. 


Arby’s ‘Slicing Up the Truth About Freshness’

Bo Dietl, former NYPD detective and current private investigator, is there to tell you the cold, hard truth about your cold cuts from Subway: They're not as fresh you think.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ‘Suprise’

Robert Downey Jr. is among the popular personalities making cameos in this new 72andSunny spot for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, directed by Guy Ritchie.


Litter Genie ‘I Haz a Pie Row Tek Nik’

The newest Litter Genie music video sobers up from the trippy, herb-induced antics of its predecessor and goes full hairball, er, hair band with heavy-metal felines. 


Music for Sleeping Children ‘Georgia’

Tom Kuntz directed this music video from visual artist Charlie White and electronica artist Boom Bip's art project about teen-girl experiences set to hypnotic dance beats.


War Child Canada ‘Jam’

This PSA for War Child Canada uses arrestingly sunny twist endings to heart-wrenching war-zone setups to efficiently illustrate the charity's child-centric mission.


Joss Whedon ‘On Romney’

Geek-culture god Joss Whedon has an interesting take on why to vote (or not) for Mitt Romney: He's the candidate most likely to bring about the zombie apocalypse.


Acer ‘VoxFox’

In this new Acer spot by Mother London, a laptio helps sex-object-turned-scientist Megan Fox explore her secret passion for marine biology ... and speak to dolphins.