Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Chanel No. 5 ‘There You Are’

Brad Pitt shills nonsense, and pricey perfume, in the first Chanel No. 5 ad starring a man.


PayPal ‘One Secure Place’

Jeff Goldblum is pitch-perfect as his twitchy, paranoid self in a series of ads for PayPal. 


Toyota Corolla ‘Feels Good Inside’

A kitty loves his owner's Corolla so much that he keeps injuring himself in new and exciting ways, just to get a ride to the vet. Eventually, he uses up his nine lives. Or does he?


Bodyform ‘The Truth’

The truth, as feminine hygeine brand Bodyform admits to real-life Facebook ranter Richard, is this: We lied. Having your period really sucks. 


Fred ‘Sugar is Killing Us’

Bottled-water company Fred makes the cutest ad ever about death from sugar.


Apple iPod ‘Bounce’

In a new spot reminiscent of 2000s iPod advertising, Apple uses an energetic appeal to sell the seventh-gen Nano and fifth iteration of the iPod Touch.


Microsoft Surface ‘The Surface Movement’

Microsoft demonstrates in dance why its new Surface tablet is not the same thing (though it has the same price tag) as the iPad. 


Ragú ‘Charlie Bit Me’

The kids from 2007's superviral "Charlie Bit Me" YouTube video make a humorous return in this new Ragú spot by Barton F. Graf 9000. 


Drambuie ‘Extraordinary Bar Commercial’

The message of this disturbing ad seems to be that Drambuie is the favored booze of those trapped in an existential hell from which there is no escape.


MySupermarket ‘Egg Choir Tribute’

Eggs with faces sing stridently about the benefits of mySupermarket, obviously unaware that they're on death row.