Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Expedia ‘Find Your Strength’

The travel site continues tackling difficult topics with a three-minute spot starring Maggie Cupit, a cancer survivor who offers a poignant reminiscence of a young friend named Odie.


Bing ‘Are You Getting Scroogled?’

Bing warns you not to get "Scroogled" by Google in this ruthless yet lighthearted holiday campaign.


GE ‘Robots on the Move’

The robot casts of Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, Knight Rider and more have finally assembled in the same spot for "Robots on the Move," to satisfy their curiosity about GE's own machines designed to make the world better.


FNSF ‘The Breath’

This powerful French domestic-violence PSA shows menacing men trying to attack the viewer—but one after another, they are forced back by a gale-force wind.


Internet Explorer ‘Do You Know This Guy?’

Hey look, it’s an Internet troll, getting all troll-ish on Microsoft. But wait. Surprise! It's actually an ad for Microsoft.


Aldi ‘The Perfect Aussie Christmas’

A fleet of Santas with surfboards, and a nice leg of Aldi ham, hit the waves in a holiday celebration from agency BMF. It seems nontraditional by U.S. standards—but is fitting for those enjoying summer Down Under. 


Harvey Nichols ‘Avoid a Same Dress Disaster’

A holiday party becomes a Star Wars-like showdown for two women who show up in the same red dress in this amusing Harvey Nichols Christmas spot from Adam & Eve DDB. 


StubHub ‘Screaming Tree’

The holidays are a scream for StubHub's talking tree, which mourns its piney cousin, an ill-fated Christmas tree, in this new ad. 


Canal+ ‘Fuel for Fans’

Three pals do the "Gooooooal!" knee-slide through a French town (and river, and dock, and wheat field) in this entertaining spot by BETC for European TV network Canal+.


XXL ‘Zombie’

Norwegian sporting goods retailer XXL agreed to stop running its new zombie-themed ad (in which they're attacked with sporting goods) during family-oriented TV programs after a flurry of viewer complaints.