Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Nov. 23-30


Sky TV ‘Father Time’

Father Time gets wound up and ticked off as his awesome powers run out in this cinematic spot by DDB New Zealand for Sky TV. Time-shifting DVRs are the new gods and time no longer matters. Sorry, dude.


Coca-Cola ‘Together We Make the Magic Happen’

It's not yet December, but tradition and commerce require you to get in the Christmas spirit, pronto. Perhaps a giant creepy Santa Claus, courtesy of Coca-Cola, can help?


Honda ‘George’s New Honda’

There are more or less two ways to go with family-themed holiday ads—the nauseatingly perfect household, or the crazy people you're going to be locked in the house with for a solid week. Honda knows which represents the truth.


Tidy Cats ‘Cat Litter, A Better Way’

Ever wonder what happened to Ugoff, the flamboyant (and fictional) fashion designer featured in Burger King's 2004 ads for fire-grilled salads? He's now Hans Hansenberg and working as a "Tidy Cats innovationist."


NBA ‘Big Color’

Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook and Joe Johnson bounce basketballs as usual—but this time they're actually pounding out the popular Christmas song "Carol of the Bells."


Mammoth Modern Insulation ‘Nikolai’

A haughty spokescat named Prince Nikolai Stroganov III loves being in the way, knocking over vases, licking his butt and warmth—the latter apparently provided by beds of the finest insulation


Adidas ‘The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop’

Our hero and Adidas spokesrapper faces the Christmastime dilemma of “the bahhumbizzles.” He finds himself whisked away by the ghosts of holiday past (Stan Smith), present (David Beckham) and future (Rita Ora and Derrick Rose) to relearn the meaning of holiday spirit.


Canon ‘Inspired’

A new ad for Canon's Rebel line of cameras from Grey in New York features a montage of adventurous photographers—the heroes of this tale—braving environmental hazards to get that special shot


British Heart Foundation ‘Vinnie Jones’

The British Heart Foundation and Grey in London spoof their own famous Vinnie Jones CPR ad, with kids performing the roles of the infamous retired soccer star and his henchmen.


Red Stripe ‘Make Music in the Corner Shop’

Ad agency KesselsKramer brings the spirit of Red Stripe to life—by bringing various other items to life in a corner bodega every time a Red Stripe is pulled from the fridge.