Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Sears ‘Connecting Flights’

For those sick of rom-com sappiness, this new Sears spot, featuring long-lost lovers who reconnect at an airport, hits just the right note as its stars hit the floor.


Buyral ‘Professional Clicking’

Need to make a video go viral? With Buyral, it's easy! Children, interns, the elderly and a complex array of machines click furiously on your videos, sending view counts into the stratosphere. Another great self-promotion by Toronto's John St.


Dewar’s ‘The Drinking Man’s Scotch’

In a new spot starring actress Claire Forlani, Dewar's shows you don't need a Y chromosome to enjoy a "drinking man's scotch."


Air New Zealand ‘An Unexpected Briefing’

For this new Air New Zealand in-flight safety video, characters from J.R.R. Tolkien demonstrate what to do in the case of emergency and put a fanciful Middle-earth spin on donning oxygen masks, inflating life vests and pointing the way to the exits. 



Whole Foods ‘Come Together’

In a series of handcrafted spots by Olson in Minneapolis, Whole Foods shows that Thanksgiving is about "coming together" around the table, not about the perfection of the meal sitting on it.


Hillshire Farm ‘Our Hickory Heritage Flavor’

Hillshire Farm's new agency, Young & Rubicam, appeals to the foodie in you with mass-produced food porn for the natural-foods enthusiast. 


Jeremiah Weed Brew ‘Alligator’

London ad agency Johnny Fearless used an actual alligator in this new ad for Jeremiah Weed Brew, in which the beast plays an ordinary household pet—the kind of arrangement, much like the beverage itself, that's just inexplicable.


Sony Xperia ‘Soda Stunt’

Sony gives away a bunch of new Xperia Acro S smartphones submerged in cups of soda at a movie theater to prove just how waterproof the new model is.

9 ’11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?’

Errol Morris tried reverse psychology with this video framed as a tongue-in-cheek look at why so many young people don't vote—reasons that, in the end, seem silly or misguided.


Switzerland ‘Clocks’

Spillman/Felser/Leo Burnett's ad finds Swiss locals on a mission to remove or disable every timepiece in their wintry homeland to make holidays more relaxing for anxious travelers.