Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Jan. 25 – Feb. 1


Budweiser ‘Brotherhood’

A breeder and his baby Clydesdale are separated after the foal's early years, only to be emotionally reunited years later.


Audi ‘Prom’

A young man goes stag to the prom, but doesn't play on standing shyly at the edge of the room, or riding home in any old car.


Kia ‘Space Babies’

Where do babies come from? A dad doesn't quite know how to answer his son's question, so he makes up an otherworldly tall tale.


Go Daddy ‘Perfect Match’

Bar Refaeli dated Leonardo DiCaprio for years. In her Super Bowl spot for Go Daddy, she swaps spit with a somewhat gnarlier-looking human.


Mercedes-Benz ‘Soul’

Willem Dafoe plays the devil and tries to get a man to sell his soul for the new CLA in this in this Mercedes spot, featuring cameos by Kate Upton and Usher.


Taco Bell ‘Viva Young’

The elderly have simple desires. They just want to party on the town, get tattoos, have sex in public bathrooms, and wash it all down with a little Taco Bell.


Volkswagen ‘Get Happy’

A white Minnesota office worker talks like a Jamaican in VW's ad, because the Beetle has made him so happy.


Coca-Cola ‘Chase’

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl :60 features an epic chase among three groups across a desert. Viewers are asked to go online and help determine the winner.


Pepsi Next ‘Party’

Parents return home to find their son throwing a gigantic party, but their anger is nothing that a little real cola taste can't fix.


Toyota ‘Wish Granted’

Kaley Cuoco grants wishes great and small in this RAV4 spot, featuring talking animals, a medieval battle, a trip to space, and dozens of CGI witches.

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