Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Nike ‘Count on Kobe’

This playful Nike spot celebrates Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant's world and his omnipotent place in it. 


Manwich ‘Video Game’


What makes these simple 15-second Manwich ads by DDB West so good is that they have a spirit-of-the-1980s thing going on, while at the same time feeling contemporary.

3 ‘Yeah’

Lodging site launched its first U.S. TV campaign with this paean to the moment of joy when you open your hotel-room door and realize it's not a dive.


Barclays ‘You vs. Unconditional Love’


The arrival of a "tiny little parasitic bundle of joy," aka a baby girl, means a lot of expenses. How can dad help out his daughter without going broke himself? The answer, of course, is Barclays, according to this funny ad from BBH London.


Allstate ‘Labor’

In his latest spot, Dean Winters is a frantic woman about to give birth in a speeding car as the husband races to the hospital.


Dodge Dart ‘How to Change Buying Cars Forever’

Wieden + Kennedy brings the freshness of its Dodge Dart campaign to the social space with the new Dodge Dart Registry. Oh, and there's this new TV spot, too.


Guinness ‘Clock’

In this latest Guinness spot from AMV BBDO, a tower clock speeds up people's dull days, slows down their precious moments, and goes back in time to avert disasters.


Internet Explorer ‘Child of the ’90s’

Children of the '90s, do you remember all the awesome things from your youth? Was Internet Explorer one of them? No? That's OK. It's grown up since then, too.


Starbucks ‘Mondays Can Be Great’

A new spot for Starbucks from AMV BBDO says Monday is actually a pretty good day. Just look back at its history.


Call of Duty ‘The Replacer’

Peter Stormare riffs on his tough-guy persona to great effect as he lives your life, so you can play more games, in 72andSunny's trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Revolution.