Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Nike Golf ‘No Cup is Safe’

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy compete in a fantastic driving-range competition and send balls sailing for miles, landing in cups all around town, in this new Nike Golf spot. 


Axe ‘Apollo’

Firemen are hot, but astronauts are hotter, says Axe, which plans to send 22 people into space through its Axe Apollo program.


Samsung ‘Huge Bear Surprises Crew’

Are Samsung washing machines any good? Does a bear launder his pelt in the woods? The answer is yes, although bears apparently see no need for detergent.


The Guardian ‘Own the Weekend’

The Guardian envisions a world in which it "owns" all weekend activities and conversations in this over-the-top spot from BBH.


Norwegian Seafood Council ‘Maki’

The Norwegian Seafood Council released a handful of ads showing modern dancers frolicking around as pieces of fish in an attempt to make sushi more appealing.


Hertz ‘SkiBrogues’

The season's most amazing new winter accessory turns out, for better or worse, to be a deviously clever ad campaign from London agency Corke Wallis.


Ikea ‘Night Walkers’

A family plays musical beds in this cute Ikea spot from Sweden.


Kayak ‘Roommates’

Roommates get a little too close for comfort, inside a single roomy sweater, in this crazy new Barton F. Graf 9000 ad for Kayak.


Medifast ‘Become Yourself’

Medifast filmed three people before starting a diet and again eight months later. Thanks to some nifty editing, the heavier and slimmer versions of each person appear to talk to each other in real time.


Priceline ‘The Negotiator’s Secret Daughter’

Priceline killed off Bill Shatner's "Negotiator" character a year ago, but he pulled a Lazarus and now stars with The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco in this spot from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.