Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Google ‘Zeitgeist 2012’

Google gazes back at the past 12 months and ranks people, places and things—country by country—based on how many people searched for them.


ESPN ‘Born Into It’

United and City fans belittle each other in style as the Manchester derby comes to advertising in this ESPN spot from Wieden + Kennedy in New York.


State Farm ‘State of Hope’

State Farm and DDB interview a classroom full of kids whose lives have been shaken by Hurricane Sandy. Their biggest complaint? The destruction of seaside amusement parks. 


Lacoste ‘The Polo of the Future’

You are walking down the street. You decide you don't like the color of your shirt. You swipe at your chest like it's a touch screen. Your shirt changes color, and you are happy. You are not on acid. You are in the future, as imagined by Lacoste.


JCPenney ‘The Negotiation’

Ellen DeGeneres exhorts Santa's elves to make more toys for a seasonal giveaway contest in this JCPenney spot. 


Best Buy ‘Gifts That Do’

Best Buy focuses not on the technology inside the latest gadgets but on the amazing things you can do with them in its holiday campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky.


Cisco ‘Tomorrow Starts Here’

Cisco is changing, and so are its ads. Gone is "The human network." The new campaign takes a larger view of Internet possibilities made real by all those routers and switches.


Axe ‘Morning After Pillow’

DDB Latina Puerto Rico take Axe sexism it to a new extreme with the Morning After Pillow, the most egregious cure for a fake problem since Listerine invented halitosis.


Pennsylvania Lottery ‘Snowfall’

Nothing says happy holidays like killing off a much-loved old commercial and replacing it with something almost identical yet totally different.


TiVo ‘Slo-Mo’

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is finally getting a starring role—not on the field, but as the new brand ambassador for TiVo.