Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Nike ‘Hockey Is Ours’

Hockey diehards should be stirred by this Nike spot that captures fans' passion for the game and, by implication, their displeasure with the ongoing NHL lockout. 


Disney Pixar ‘Imagine You at MU’

This new campaign by Pixar for its upcoming film Monsters University spoofs those wonderfully cheesy college-recruitment ads that air during NCAA sporting events. 


Fiat ‘The Motherhood’

Fiat tries out the white-people-rapping genre of humor, as a suburban mom gets gangsta about raising kids (and faking orgasms).


Virgin Atlantic ‘Flying in the Face of Ordinary’

Weirdly gifted children grow up to become Virgin Atlantic workers in RKCR/Y&R's fantastical, tongue-in-cheek launch spot for the carrier's new global campaign. 


Apple iPhone 5 ‘Dream’

Apple takes a stroll in dreamland in this superb spot starring the Williams sisters and highlighting the iPhone 5's "Do Not Disturb" feature. Unfortunately, it was released at the same time as a glitch emerged in the feature.


Google Play ‘New Me’

Guess who's trying to reinvent himself with a New Year's resolution to work out (with help from Google Play)? Hint: He's blue and furry, and his undoing is a common baked treat.


U.K. National Health Service ‘Smoking Health Harms’

Happy New Year! Here's a disgusting new anti-smoking PSA from Britain.


Geico ‘Maxwell on a Plane’

Maxwell the talking pig returns in an amusingly twisted tale (tail?) from The Martin Agency.


Zoosk ‘Heart Friend’

The latest kooky ad from dating site Zoosk, aka "the romantic social network," features a single woman's heart, personified as a fanciful puppet, making out with her laptop.


State Farm ‘Born to Assist’

State Farm's new spot features NBA all-star point guard Chris Paul bumping into his long-lost twin brother, who's become an insurance agent.

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