The Top 10 AdFreak Stories of 2014

Nothing gets AdFreak readers excited quite like brilliant creative work—with the exception of spectacular creative failures. Our 10 most-read stories of 2014 are pretty good proof of this.

Seven of them were about amazing, innovative ads. Two involved boneheaded fails. And the 10th was about porn—another reliable pageview generator—and could be considered a win or a fail, depending on your point of view.

Below, check out AdFreak's 10 most-read stories from 2014. And here's to many more wins and fails in 2015.


Another Subway Ad Blows a Woman’s Hair Around as Trains Arrive, but There’s a Twist

By David Griner
A Swedish subway ad got a lot of attention earlier this year by showing a woman's hair blowing beautifully in the wind whenever a train arrived. And now it has inspired another attention-grabbing display. Read the full story.


Did Beats by Dre Just Out-Nike Nike With This Incredible World Cup Ad?

By Tim Nudd
We wrote at length last month about how the music company and ad agency R/GA have teamed up to make some of the year's best sports ads—with Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick, Richard Sherman and Cesc Fabregas. But nothing could prepare us for this five-minute World Cup extravaganza. Read the full story.


Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans

By Tim Nudd
It's such a great, simple idea: Young Brazilians want to learn English. Elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. Why not connect them? Read the full story.


Pornhub Erects Huge Billboard in Times Square After Long Search for a Great Non-Pornographic Ad

By Alfred Maskeroni
New York's Times Square has always been an eyegasm of advertising, so the adult website Pornhub's enormous new billboard—featuring the winner of its contest seeking a great non-pornographic ad—fits right in. Read the full story.


DiGiorno Is Really, Really Sorry About Its Tweet Accidentally Making Light of Domestic Violence

By David Griner
DiGiorno Pizza has become one of the top brands on Twitter thanks to its quick wit and good ear for real-time conversations, but one careless tweet last night put that reputation at risk. Read the full story.


Coca-Cola Invents 16 Crazy Caps to Turn Empty Bottles Into Useful Objects

By Gabriel Beltrone
Rejoice, happy-go-lucky and environmentally conscious Coca-Cola lovers. Thanks to this new "2nd Lives" kit from the brand, you can now transform your Coke into something even more delightful. Read the full story.


Trained Dancers Are Completely Appalled by This Ballet Ad for Free People Clothing

By Roo Ciambriello
Imagine a Gatorade ad where a kicker misses every field goal, or a Nike spot where a runner trips over hurdles. It would be a little bizarre. Something similar, though perhaps not as obvious to the average viewer, happens in this ad from Free People clothing, and it has many trained dancers in an uproar. Read the full story.


This North Face Store’s Floor Disappears, Forcing Startled Shoppers to Climb the Walls

By Alfred Maskeroni
Fancy yourself the outdoorsy type, eh? You've got all the slickest gear for the rugged lifestyle you live every day. Maybe you even have a gnarly beard and a Clif bar in your pocket. Well, what if next time you went shopping for gear you were immediately put to the test? Read the full story.


Girl Fakes Getting Her Period, and Pays the Price, in Hilarious New Ad From Hello Flo

By Tim Nudd
Hello Flo, a tampon subscription service, had a major advertising hit last summer with "Camp Gyno," a hilarious long-form spot about a pre-teen girl who becomes a product- and advice-dispensing despot at summer camp after becoming the first girl to get her period. Now, company founder and CEO Naama Bloom has teamed up with that spot's writers/directors, Jamie T. McCelland and Pete Marquis, for a sequel that's just as comically frank and stars another amusingly precocious girl. Read the full story.


24 People Who Applied for the World’s Toughest Job Were In for Quite a Surprise

By Tim Nudd
Here's a pretty cool project from Mullen for a client we won't immediately reveal, lest we spoil the surprise. The Boston agency posted this job listing online for a "director of operations" position at a company called Rehtom Inc. The requirements sounded nothing short of brutal. Read the full story.