Too Too Solid Flesh

Richard Lugner, Austria’s most shameless marketer, has struck again.

The construction tycoon, who got his break in the ’70s by building Austria’s first mosque (company motto: “We don’t only build mosques”), has approved the extension of a novel promotion at his Lugner City mall in Vienna. Women get a $35 voucher, a bottle of champagne and a free meal—if they shop topless.

“As the campaign was a success, we prolonged it and invited more women to come topless,” a representative of Lugner City (where Lugner’s wife runs a children’s-wear shop) told the news-gathering service Ananova.

Shoptalk doubts this would go over well in, say, Secaucus. But Lugner knows what he can get away with. His past self-promotion efforts have included an unsuccessful bid for the Austrian presidency (“I’m not a big Catholic, but I am a Catholic” was a campaign message) and paying Farrah Fawcett to accompany him to Vienna’s swanky Opera Ball (where he tiptoed over the line by saying Fawcett was a dream date because “for a 50-year-old, her breasts are truly fantastic”).

Lugner, thankfully, was nowhere to be found for comment.