too Sexy for the web?

Where can you find bunny ears, plenty of skin and cleavage? The Internet, of course.

The official site of the New England Web Design Awards——sparked some unexpected controversy for its racy themes.

“We got a couple of [negative] comments … [show sponsor] Aquent got some comments,” conceded Tim Stevenson, president of IdentityOne, the Boston firm that created the site.

But Lori Abe, director of public relations at Aquent said, “I haven’t heard any negative comments.”

The site’s retro-style illustrations featured women in sexy poses—but no hunky men. “We weren’t trying to be offensive; [the Web site] was supposed to be kitschy and fun,” Stevenson said.

The second annual NEWD Awards were held recently at the Boston’s Avalon nightclub [Adweek, Feb. 19].