Tonic Software Seeks Ad Partner

Startup company Tonic Software is looking for an agency to handle an estimated $10 million advertising and marketing campaign next year.

The Austin, Texas-based company makes Internet management software, touted as a one-stop shop for monitoring and updating Web functions on heavy-traffic sites.

Tonic Software president Deborah Yount said she has been agency-shopping for several months.So far, she said, “we’ve [met] big guys we’re too small for or small agencies that don’t have international capabilities.”

In addition to seven U.S. offices, the company maintains a sales force in the U.K., where it plans to begin advertising next year.

Carrie Wormington, marketing communications manager at Tonic, will lead the agency search, which has been on hold for several weeks as company principals went on the road to make presentations to investors and the business press.

The software supplier has projected sales of $5 million by the end of 2000. “Once we secure our B-round [financing], a good portion of the funds will go to advertising,” said Yount.

Tonic’s current print advertising, created by freelance talent, is appearing in vertical market trade publications such as CIO and Darwin. The campaign, targeted at information technology managers and upper-level executives, uses the tagline, “Guaranteeing your Net works.” Copy in one execution reads: “You told the board your site would attract millions of hits. What if you were absolutely right?”