Todobebe’s Fiesta Delivers

NEW YORK Multimedia parenting company Todobebe’s “Viva la Familia” initiative, a one-day event for Hispanic moms, attracted a record 171,335 participants in 10,000 homes in 150 cities and 43 states this year, offering brands a targeted consumer demo via a customized promotional program.

The outreach effort, now in its second year, has increased 12-fold, up 1,219 percent from the 12,987 moms who participated in the program’s launch event in 1,000 homes in 2007, per Nielsen New Media Services, which audited the turnout and generated quantitative research on brand awareness, buying preferences and other insights for this year’s event held nationwide on June 2.

The “Viva la Familia” event celebrates families via an in-home party hosted by Hispanic moms who sign up online at the Todobebe Web site to provide a gathering place for the family-themed fiesta. As party hosts, the women also serve as brand ambassadors responsible for introducing and sampling products in home provided by event sponsors to nearly two-dozen Latina moms with children under age 5.

Marketers signing on as brand sponsors of this year’s celebration, considered to be the largest national event mounted for families, include Procter & Gamble (Pampers), Nestle (Nido Plus-One milk supplement) and the March of Dimes awareness program.

For marketers, the large-scale event provides a significant number of brand impressions via the wide media promotional push, including branded TV promotions that position a sponsoring brand alongside “Viva la Familia’s” TV show host, Aracely Arambula. The program also provides quantitative research statistics outlining brand lift and awareness of featured products and a list of moms opting to participate in a brand’s own CRM initiatives, said Cynthia Nelson, COO, Todobebe.

“Viva la Familia is a way for our sponsors to reach into the minds and hearts of our consumers,” said Nelson. “Sponsors are looking to become the trusted voice and adviser, as we’ve become to this audience, and the closer that they can get to these consumers in home, they are able to get a peer-to-peer endorsement, which is what everyone is looking for.”

Todobebe generated buzz for the mass mom fiesta and invited Latinas to become party hosts via spot TV, radio, out of home and digital promotions in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix, garnering 95 million total consumer impressions via Nielsen.

The parenting company also promoted the event on its Univision TV show Viva la Familia, in print via its magazine and on the Web.

The ideal mom for the outreach program: She’s either planning a pregnancy, pregnant or has kids under age 5 and typically is in the 18 to 34 demo, per Todobebe.

“We want the mom [as party host] who always has a party at her house because she is the most viral,” Nelson said. “She’s going to bring the most people to the party and she’s going to be that key influencer for our brand and for the sponsors’ brands that are in the sampling and promotional program.”

Fiesta participants receive Todobebe and sponsor-branded celebration boxes that are filled with products, special offers, party favors and DVDs.