Today’s #AdweekChat Is All About Reinventing Your Career and Starting Over

Twitter chat begins at 2 p.m. ET

F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been a keen observer of the human condition, but he couldn't have been more wrong when he scribbled in his notes, "There are no second acts in American lives."

Today, second acts are common and practically expected. In this week's cover story, we looked at Snoop Dogg's impressive shift from rap icon to tech mogul, and it got us all thinking about the necessity and challenges of re-evaluating your career.

How certain is your professional future? Have you considered a new path or already forged ahead in a new direction? If so, what scares or excites you about the process? Is your college degree worthwhile? And if it's not, what should you do about it?

We'll be tackling these and many more questions at today's #AdweekChat, our weekly Twitter discussion of marketing and media. We hope you can join us at 2 p.m. Eastern today!

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