Tocquigny Gains Gen X ‘Cool’

Tocquigny Advertising and Design in Austin, Texas, has acquired a youth marketing subsidiary that could help lure project work with national advertisers, according to an agency official.
Tocquigny’s absorption of small Austin firm DesignHead will give the shop an added capability in reaching the under-25 market for current clients and potential national marketers, said Tocquigny marketing director Dirk Van Slyke.
“This was primarily to go after business we couldn’t pursue before because we didn’t have the expertise” in youth-only marketing, said Van Slyke. “Specifically, we haven’t had any clients whose only strategy was to go after the youth market. But this will be an adjunct for existing clients and allow us to go after pieces of business that are youth oriented.”
The addition of DesignHead, founded and operated by graphic designer Ellis Richardson, continues Tocquigny’s growth strategy to build full-service communications operations from its traditional design practice. DesignHead also brings an international background to the table, according to the agency.
In the past month during the transitioning of DesignHead into the Tocquigny fold, Van Slyke said joint discussions with three undisclosed national marketers have taken place.
Richardson has five years of experience on brands like Coca-Cola, Flavor House Foods, Hasbro and The Microsoft Network. According to Tocquigny, the new subsidiary brings a proficiency in industrial design, branding, research and strategy for the Gen X market. “Our strength is in making an effort to not only know what’s ‘cool,’ what’s ‘funny’ and what’s appreciated by youths, but also to find out ‘why’ and ‘why not,’ ” said Richardson in a statement.
For DesignHead, the Tocquigny connection brings the addition of media planning and placement expertise as well as promotional capabilities.