TOAST OF THE CONTINENT: It’s Time to ‘Ask Mr. European Small Kitchen Appliances’

Americans may imagine the European kitchen as a repository of time-worn implements, handed down from generation to generation for the preparation of ancient family recipes. The more prosaic truth of the matter is that Europeans, like Americans, have been stocking their kitchens with modern conveniences at brisk pace. In its most recent analysis of the market, London-based Datamonitor says the movement of women into the job market has increased the popularity of labor-saving devices. At the same time, though, the shift toward frozen meals and other convenience items has restrained growth in sales of what it calls ‘food preparation machines.’ Taking all of this into account, Datamonitor forecasts annual real growth of 3.88% for 1992-96 in sales of small kitchen appliances (among which it includes toasters, deep fat fryers, coffee machines, irons and other such items). At a 4.30% annual growth rate, irons are expected to outpace the rest of the category. Coffee machines are forecast to rank second in annual growth rate, at 3.99%. Meanwhile, the trend toward smaller households with smaller kitchens should benefit sales of items (like toasters) that can partly substitute for full-sized appliances, says the report.
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