To Dine For Podcast: John Terlato, Vice Chairman at Terlato Wines International

The incredible story of how the Terlato family shaped the modern wine business

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On this week’s episode of To Dine For, host Kate Sullivan is joined by John Terlato, vice chairman at Terlato Wines International.

Terlato was born into a wine family just as the American wine landscape was taking shape. His father, Tony Terlato, was a giant in the wine industry, a visionary who built and shaped the Terlato Wine Group into the company that it is today. Terlato initially went to law school, but soon found himself back in the family business.

For the conversation, they head to a legendary Chicago restaurant, La Scarola, located on Grand Avenue. It is here that they have a fabulous meal and hear the incredible story of how John Terlato and his family shaped the modern wine business.

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