TNS: Hispanics Are Browsers

The best way to market to Hispanics may be right in the store. That’s just one of the conclusions that can be drawn from TNS Hispanic Shopper 360 study, released Thursday (Dec. 11).

Compared to non-Hispanic shoppers, Hispanics tend to be browsers. Only 16 percent of Hispanics found it was important to get in and out of a store quickly, compared to 39 percent of non-Hispanic shoppers.

Hispanics’ purchase decisions are also more likely to be influenced by in-store promotions and advertising with 34 percent saying they are influenced by in-store ads and coupons compared to 14 percent of total shoppers. More than a third (34 percent) of Hispanic shoppers also claim to be influenced by in-store price reductions compared to 22 percent of non-Hispanic shoppers.

“Trips to the store for Hispanic consumers are about more than just availability of goods, it is also largely about service and the store experience. This sense of trust is a key reason that community based stores (bodegas and supermercados) are successful despite limited selections and often charging higher prices,” said Emil Morales, TNS executive vp and general manager.

TNS study was based on 1,500 interviews conducted in Spanish and English between October and November 2007.