TN Clears Moves to PentaMark

True North Communications has cleared FCB Worldwide employees who worked on DaimlerChrysler, including those under contract, to make a move to BBDO’s new PentaMark Worldwide, a representative for the Chicago-based holding company said.

Contractual hangups had stalled the move of employees, including Mike Vogel, who headed FCB’s Detroit office and was tapped to run PentaMark after that entity won the DaimlerChrysler’s consolidated $2 billion account in November.

“Mike will be able to move over there,” a TN representative said.

TN issued a statement saying that an “agreement has been reached to provide access to BBDO so that it can talk with FCB Detroit employees” about jobs at PentaMark.

BBDO told its staff that Vogel would be hired to head PentaMark just five days after DaimlerChrysler announced its decision in early November. TN initially balked, pointing to Vogel’s contract, while TN CEO David Bell complained that his employees had been “promised” to Chrysler by BBDO during the review.

Despite such remonstrations, Vogel’s move appears to have been scarcely delayed. Sources said Vogel last week was already attending meetings at PentaMark. He is expected to be officially introduced today, and other top-level hires should follow. A BBDO representative could not be reached to determine Vogels’ contractual status.

Layoffs at FCB will be determined after PentaMark concludes its hiring. FCB notified about 300 of its employees in Southfield, Mich., that they could be laid off in 60 days.