TKO Triumphs in Dryken Tech’s All-Austin Finals

Following an extensive review process, TKO Advertising has been selected to launch startup Dryken Technologies nationally.

TKO competed against seven other agencies, eventually besting finalists marchFirst and Tocquigny Advertising and Design, both in Austin, Texas.

Dryken, a 3-year-old Internet software company whose rise has been charted in publications such as Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal, recently secured $5 million in venture financing for its national introduction.

TKO’s campaign will include a company name change to be unveiled Feb. 12. The corporate branding campaign will be followed by a multi-tiered direct marketing effort for the company’s latest software release.

“The name was a really emotional deal for the company,” said Lyn Graft, Dryken’s vice president of corporate marketing. “We’ve been trying to change for a year and had used three other agencies. [TKO’s] ability to get a name that captured the founders’ hearts and souls … was a huge victory internally.”

Dryken reviewed agencies for the naming assignment separately from the creative account, but ended up awarding both to Austin-based TKO. Said agency spokesperson Bethany Norman, “We are a little more avant garde than the more traditional options that they had. They wanted something completely new and fresh.”

“We put up all the creative work of the group of seven and hands down their work stood out about getting a message out about each company,” said Graft. “That’s really important for us moving into a fairly noisy space.”

Olive Design in Austin was awarded the client’s Web site development responsibilities. Springbok Technologies in Dallas was selected for public relations.

The Austin client’s Storekeeper software is an e-commerce personalization solution. The product, for example, can automatically reconfigure a client’s site according to what an individual customer is clicking on.

TKO’s other clients include Mediaprise software, several city and state accounts, and the pro bono Meals on Wheels.