TiVo Offers Domino’s Ordering Option

In the latest twist on interactive TV, TiVo is offering its broadband users the ability to order a Domino’s pizza without leaving their couches.

The ordering option, available today, also includes a function that lets viewers see how far along their order is. “If the kids are asking ‘Where’s the pizza?’ you can look and say: ‘It’s being boxed’ or ‘It’s being driven over,'” said Karen Bresssner, evp of -advertising sales for TiVo.

With 3.6 million customers (only 750,000 of those are broadband equipped), TiVo has offered other interactive buying features for some time. For example, broadband subscribers can order movie tickets from Fandango and buy items from Amazon. But Bressner said she believed this was the first time anyone has offered an interactive pizza-ordering function like this.

The effort come as national pizza chains race to offer more high-tech ordering mechanisms including mobile Web, text messaging and via desktops. Last month, for instance, Pizza Hut began offering consumers the ability to order a pizza via Facebook.