TiVo: Ads Rivaled Critical Plays

NEW YORK In a strong showing for many companies’ most creative ad effort of the year, an analysis of TiVo households showed viewers replayed a number of Super Bowl spots that tickled their fancy.

“Our annual analysis of Super Bowl commercials shows once again that if you want to get the audiences’ attention during the game, you’ve got to get them laughing,” Katie Ho, vice president of consumer marketing at TiVo, said in a statement. “Literally all of the ads replayed most often in TiVo households utilized humor to deliver their brand message.”

TiVo analyzes the replay activity of customers every year after the Super Bowl. But the company noted that this year replays for controversial referee calls rivaled the number of times that humorous ads were replayed. On average, the company said TiVo households watched more than four times the controversial touchdown by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the “gadget play” touchdown that clinched the Steelers victory.

According to TiVo, the list of Top 10 most replayed ads was: 1. Ameriquest, Friendly Skies; 2. Ameriquest, That Killed Him; 3. Budweiser, Streaking Sheep; 4. FedEx, Caveman; 5. Michelob, Touch Football; 6. Bud Light, Hidden Bud Lights; 7. Sierra Mist, Kathy Griffin; 8. Bud Light, Bear Attack; 9. Aleve, Leonard Nimoy; 10. Bud Light, Revolving Wall.

—Brandweek staff report