Tinseltown Tough On Ad Types

People who work in advertising have suffered mercilessly at the hands of Hollywood screenwriters this summer.
First, account execs were banned from entering the Studio 54 stand-in in the indie flick The Last Days of Disco, costing one junior executive his job. Now, three ad men are unceremoniously rejected by Jennifer Lopez (shown here) in Universal Studios’ Out of Sight.
The three buddies are drinking in a Detroit hotel bar when they spot sultry U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco (Lopez) sitting alone at a table. One of the three, Andy, makes a play for her. “We’re in from the Apple, New York City,” he explains to an uninterested Cisco. They’re pitching Hiram Walker in Southfield, Mich., he says.
Andy then tells Lopez the details of their planned campaign for a tequila brand, which includes a Chihuahua and a guy in a sombrero. Lopez leans in and says, “Really, Andy, who gives a sh–?” and then tells him to “beat it.”
George Clooney then appears, as charming bank robber Jack Foley, and the two leave. No word if the boys from the Apple got the account–guess we’ll wait for the sequel. –Justin Dini