‘Timmy’ Is No Dummy When He’s With Braves

In an attempt to personalize its players, the Atlanta Braves add a wry twist to the appeal baseball has for young boys in a campaign from Fitzgerald & Co. here.
The two television commercials show “Timmy” shagging flies and taking batting practice with his heroes. The catch is, Timmy is a mannequin. Copywriter Jerry Williams and art director Cathy Carlisi decided to use the dummy, which has stood outside agency creative chief Jim Paddock’s office for years, while brainstorming for the campaign.
“The client wanted us to use players in the commercials,” said Carlisi. “They wanted their personalities to come through. We were thinking about putting someone on the field with them. We jokingly thought about using [Timmy] and it grew from there.”
Each spot opens with a shot of Timmy and a title: “Every kid’s dream. Timmy meets the Braves.” In one ad he shags flies with first baseman Andres Galarraga, of course, missing each one. At the end he’s “walking” off the field with pitcher Tom Glavine, saying in a high-pitched voiceover that the experience made him feel like “one big goose pimple!”
In the other ad Timmy takes his cuts at batting practice. During both activities Timmy spouts little boy-isms. Both spots end in the plaza of Turner Field with the Braves logo and phone number in the background as Timmy says: “I must be the luckiest boy in the whole world!”
Credits include creative director Eddie Snyder, Williams and Carlisi, agency producer Christine Sigeti and account executives Lisa Galanti and Evan Levy.