Time Warner “Puppies”

That’s certainly a cute puppy. Yeah, mighty cute. Even so, Time Warner’s contention that DirecTV hates puppies is a bit hard to swallow — even in this nudge-nudge context. Perhaps TWC does save subscribers enough money each month to buy a mountain of dog food to feed puppies. Even so, you’d think Ogilvy & Mather could have come up with something more creative than a cute pooch — though, really, it does look exceptionally cuddly. Only a baby, crawling across a shag rug to grab a remote control and switch on TWC — while a voiceover drones on about how much subscribers can save for baby food — could have been more pandering and obvious. Still, that’s one cute puppy. I bet he likes his tummy rubbed. In fact, the pup is so distracting — and DirecTV mentioned so incessantly — I initially thought this spot was about how DirecTV could save me money. But it’s not. Sorry, Time Warner. Lame spot. Still, that’s one cute dog!
–David Gianatasio