Time Travels For 7-Eleven TV

Touching on both 7-Eleven’s history and its present-day operation, Publicis/Bloom here has launched a pair of test-market TV spots for new products from the Dallas-based chain.
Maintaining the “Thank heaven for 7-Eleven” theme, the agency showcases a new breakfast sandwich and a pre-paid international telephone card in a humorous style.
The spots represent the first work from Publicis/Bloom since 7-Eleven acknowledged hiring the shop for project assignments. The lead creative agency for the Southland Corp.-owned chain is The Richards Group, also in Dallas.
In the commercial airing in Orlando, Fla., for the client’s new double sausage-cheese biscuit, the agency touts 7-Eleven’s longtime breakfast innovations, from coffee-to-go to breakfast sandwiches.
The second spot, playing in Dallas and Austin, Texas, Philadelphia and San Francisco, notes how 7-Eleven “brought the planet closer together with things like the Slurpee . . . but now we’ve really done it” with the pre-paid phone cards.
The breakfast spot creative required Publicis/Bloom to re-create the storefront of a 1950s 7-Eleven. The ad begins with an Eisenhower-era man leaving a cup of coffee on his car roof after preening his greased hair. Flash forward to the 1990s as a twentysomething male picks up a sausage-cheese biscuit and coffee–and he too forgets to remove the drink from atop his Jeep when he drives away.
The phone card execution shows residents of Mexico, Japan and England chatting with overseas family and friends while chugging down Slurpees. “Brain freeze!” they exclaim at the spot’s conclusion, heralding a tagline from the client’s marketing past.